Ever since I learned to read at a young age, I've had an insatiable appetite for books and words, inspiring my love of writing today. That love of words is balanced by my equally-pressing pull towards the visual, grounded in a deep sensitivity to my environment and surroundings. Together, these inclinations, along with my interest in bringing people together as often, and as meaningfully, as possible, led me towards making this book. 

Past work includes the creation of Kinfolk Magazine's international dinner and event series, as well as other roles for the magazine including writer, stylist, and producer. I have also worked as a freelance art director and prop stylist. I hold a BA in Studio Arts and an MFA in Environment/Experience Design. Currently I am a freelance creative consultant and run my own floral design studio in Santa Barbara, California where I live with my husband, Ryan.

For more details on both past and current work, please visit here:
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Photo by Ryan J. Adams